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CURRENT ISSUE: January/February 2015

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Gases & Instrumentation International Magazine (G&I) is a source of information for the technology and application of bulk and specialty gases. G&I also addresses gases-related instrumentation for measurement, detection and analysis. as well as gas flow measurement and control, vacuum and compressor technology, piping, and welding. It is designed for anyone involved with detection, analysis or delivery of gases from the university research laboratory to the production line. Vertical markets covered include semiconductors, photovoltaics, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical processing, electronics manufacturing, and food and beverage.

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January/February 2015
New Technology for Continuous Emissions Monitoring
Focusing on stack gas analysis of hydrogen chloride (HCl), this article offers a first-hand look at one companyís journey, from the rarified environment of the US National Metrology Institute to the base of an unheated, 100 meter umbilical at a coal-fired plant in Missouri and beyond. Along the way, Tiger Optics LLC demonstrated that new analytical technology truly helps our nationís smokestack industries meet their commitments for a cleaner, safer environment.

January/February 2015
Cheating Raoultís Law to Enable the Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide as a Stable Vapor
Raoultís law states that the partial vapor pressure of each component of an ideal mixture of liquids is equal to the vapor pressure of the pure component multiplied by its mole fraction in the mixture. When applied to a vapor pulled off the headspace of a solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and water, Raoultís law determines that water will be preferentially removed. This leads to a continuous decrease in the water content of the solution while the H2O2 content in the vapor will continuously increase. RASIRC has developed a new membrane vaporizer that overcomes these limitations that have plagued bubblers and vaporizers.

January/February 2015
Chilled Mirror Hygrometry, a Technology for Process and Lab
Of all the instrumental methods for measuring the water vapor content of gases, chilled mirror hygrometry (CMH) is one of the most useful owing to its inherent accuracy, unparalleled wide dynamic range, ease of operation, and low maintenance. This article will describe how the measurement of dew/frost point is made by the chilled mirror hygrometer and how other humidity related quantities such as relative humidity, and mixing ratio can be calculated using this dew/ frost point along with gas temperature and pressure.

January/February 2015
Editorial: From Peru to Peroxide
If global warming is a hoax, it has fooled the nearly 200 countries whose represntatives recently attended the climate change conference in Lima, Peru, that just ended this month. The conference resulted in the firmest resolution by a large number of countries since the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

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